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Scattering of Ashes

Scattering of Ashes Tubes

The scattering of the ashes Ceremony can be carried out many different ways such as simply scattering the ashes upon the ground in a favourite location.   


You can scatter near trees and flowers and then gently rake them into the ground.  

The ashes could be sprinkled into prepared soil, or an eco-friendly urn purchased and placed in the soil where a bush or tree could be planted in their honour. 

Scattering the ashes by hand or pouring them from an urn is a bit cumbersome, but now the Funeral Director has scatter tubes in different sizes and the tubes do make scattering the ashes so much easier.

You can also scatter the ashes on the edge of water or from a boat.   A soluble urn can also be purchased which dissolves in the water and the ashes will naturally scatter.


You may decide to scatter the ashes from a mountain top, an air balloon a plane or now from a drone.

Your loved one may have preferred a simple cremation without the service, then a ceremony at a graveside where they wished their ashes to be buried in a grave beside a loved one.

As you can see there are many different methods of scattering ashes, some more common than others.  Giving you an example of the different methods that you can choose from I hope helps you to plan the ceremony that is right for you.


My fee is £200

 If the venue is outside the areas I work then I would need to charge extra for  fuel

Spreading ashes is legal in many locations, but it’s important to always check the local laws first


Urns for Scattering of Ashes
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