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Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

CELEBRATION  OF                   LIFE

I know that arranging a funeral is a very, very emotional time in your life and therefore I  always ensure that I 

take into account the needs and emotions of you, the family and friends.

I can have a discussion regarding your needs either via zoom or face to face, whichever you prefer to allow me to prepare a eulogy or tribute befitting your loved one.


When working with me, everything that you discuss, rest assured that it will be in the utmost confidence,  I am compassionate, caring, trustworthy and work with integrity whilst creating a bespoke ceremony in honour of your loved one.


Being an Independent Celebrant means that I can conduct either a religious or non religious ceremony, whichever is suitable to your needs.

With the passing of your loved one you might feel as if your world has just crashed all around you and it's my aim that you feel safe and supported. There will be no time limit on our discussions regarding the ceremony and I will work closely with you and with the Funeral Director of your choice.

Once I have composed the tribute or eulogy I will send it by email or deliver it for you to read, ensuring that you are satisfied with the content and if you would like anything added or changed I will happily attend to it, after all this is your ceremony.

I can supply poems if you wish a poem to be included and music of your choice although there are some Funeral Directors who prefer to supply the music.

Above all, I will conduct the ceremony in a dignified manner that is respectful to everyone

As difficult as the experience of loss is in our lives, I want you to look back on this celebration of the life for your loved one, and remember it, as an uplifting experience and a  fitting tribute to their life.

Perhaps having a memory box for everyone to write about their relationship with your loved one for you to read at a later date.  On account of the short time allocated to the funeral ceremony it also allows friends and family to express how they felt about your loved one.   It could be a simple as when they met, how they felt about them and a funny story, maybe a photograph of them together. 


Preparing your own funeral is getting more and more popular which means that letting the family be aware or your wishes it lifts the burden of them arranging a funeral and wondering if this is what you would want.   


If you wish to have assistance in writing your own eulogy or tribute then contact me and we can work on it together.  

I look forward to hearing from you and creating the ceremony that is right for you and your loved one

Celebration of Life Ceremony, Memorial Ceremonies
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