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Memorial Ceremonies

A memorial service resembles a Celebration of Life, with or without the remains of the deceased present, perhaps a photograph, or you may have an urn containing their ashes if they wished a simple Cremation without a service at the time of passing.


Your memorial service will honour, commemorate and preserve the memory of the deceased and can take place weeks or even months after the funeral.    It gives everyone the opportunity to remember their personality, the fun times, hobbies etc.


This is also a special time for those who couldn't have a Funeral Ceremony or friends and family who didn't have the opportunity to get together to say their final farewell.


Having a Memorial Ceremony allows you to have freedom of choice to choose the location you desire, it could be in the family home where you may wish to plant a tree or bush in the garden.  Perhaps their favourite spot on a beach, in a park, a favourite restaurant or if they were involved in community work arrange an memorial to include an activity that everyone could join in, benefitting the community.   You may wish to give a gift that guests can remember your loved one by, such as something to do with their hobbies etc.   Whatever you decide upon I will conduct the service you wish.  


The Ceremony does not need to consist of a formal structure which means that you have the freedom to construct the service how you want.  It can be as formal or relaxed as you wish.   It can be Spiritual or non-secular.  The choice is yours.

Scattering of Ashes
Celebration of Life
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